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Written and directed by Chrissy Loader, The Listening Party is a short film shot in Pleasanton, CA in May 2017. Cast and crew include: Rachel Styer, Rob Nikzad, Erik Needham, Dan Schwartzbaum, Shawn Gurczak, Sam Malpiedi, Brice Lockard, Nicky Koch, Bennett Kocsis, Johannah Goldstein, Amanda Schwartzbaum, Michael Weinreb, Leigh Anne Lewis, Saee Nirgude, Dave Melstrom, and Amy Early. This is an Amateur Films production.


In early 1990s suburban California, a young woman tries to connect with her boyfriend, his bandmates, and their aging sound engineer as they smoke a bowl and listen to the group’s latest playbacks.

Upcoming Screenings

The Listening Party has two upcoming screenings: 

  1. Scary Cow Film Festival, Saturday, November 4, 2 pm, The Castro Theatre, San Francisco - This is my film co-ops screening of films. There's voting involved and it costs $15. The Listening Party will be part of the Phase 1 screening, which should probably end at around 4-5 pm. 
  2. Portland Film Festival, Saturday, November 4, 5 pm. The Listening Party will screen as part of the short film series in Block 9, "Goldeneggs" at the Laurelhurst Theatre. 


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